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Facing Aggravated Sexual Assaults Or Domestic Violence Accusations ? Meet Sam Goldstein!


Mutually hooked up with a person on Tinder the other day and to your dismay she now alleges you with rape charges?

You have been thinking all the while that you are happy at merely smiling to the girl next-door to find the police arresting you the following day on stalking and sexual exploitation charges?

These are some real weird situations of which we are not uninformed of. The world today is not  that an easy place. You may be thrown behind the bars for a crime you might not even have heard of. But the issue is “How do you convince the law? Who is going to listen and bestow faith upon you?” when all evidences speak in favour of the complainant.

The very accusation of a crime however trivial it may be, is enough to bring disgrace to all hard earned reputation of yours. Let alone reputation, if properly not dealt to fight for the rightful justice, you might never be able find your way out of the gaols. You might not be that unfortunate but you are not an exception either. Scary, isn’t it?

False allegations of sex crimes, sexual exploitation, convictions for sexual assault can lead to acute consequences. Depending on the gravity of the alleged crime, imprisonment is a real possibility and to your worse you may be registered for the crime which would certainly make you feel like a criminal even if you are not one.

Canada based sexual assault lawyer toronto , Sam Goldstein is that one person you would certainly want to approach when you wish to be rendered justice upon. Sam has ably defended prosecution for sexual assault related cases when he was Assistant Crown Attorney and has used his experience for successful trials. Sam has been flourishing in his field of expertise (law practice) by being an outstanding advocate for his clients. He is resolute, bold, witty and innovative. He is the first criminal lawyer of Canada to be qualified an expert in using social media to successfully defend his client against threatening charges. Sam knows his way around the criminal justice system, the myriad courthouses in the Toronto area; he understands exactly how the other side thinks.

images (3)

“You need a lawyer to give you his honest opinion and his best advice so that you understand your jeopardy, the legal process and your options,” he says. Every case is different and has its own associated facts and thus need to be dealt in its own way of defence. Sexual assaults being one of the grave allegations need a lot of pre-trial investigations and the advocate needs  to be well informed of all possible defences. Sam’s experience has made him confident of his stands.

The next time you are in apprehension under such prosecution be it utter threats, criminal harassment or aggravated sexual assault, let Sam Goldstein help you out!

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Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial cleaning is a broad term mainly used to describe companies who are contracted by individuals, corporations and business to carry out cleaning jobs in variety of ways in exchange of an income. Cleaning companies can be practically found in every city, prominently in more affluent regions. We can also see this as a product of globalization that companies refrain from hiring janitors and instead have started hiring commercial cleaning services. This definitely saves them a lot of headache, wherein they do not have to manage added janitorial staff working under them and rather just pay for these services. Needless to say that the growing number of commercial cleaning services companies have made this a highly competitive market. Although, these services are not limited to corporations only and there are a number of premises which comes under these services, like:

  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Medical facilities
  • Airport
  • Restaurants
  • Function Centers

download (4)

Commercial cleaning services follow rigid cleaning methods and techniques. They use a wide variety of methods and chemicals to facilitate and advance the office cleaning toronto process. In an age where first impression is the last impression, the premises should be well cleaned at all times, whether it’s a corporation, hospital or an airport.  A good janitorial service always brings into play sophisticated tools and equipments, such as High -Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter vacuum cleaner. They also use noiseless equipments that do not disrupt the work environment. Since, every premise has different needs and requirements, the commercial cleaning services tailor their service according to the customer’s needs. In order to excel in their services, these companies require having a top notch and trained staff to carry out their operations, and this is the reason that most of the commercial cleaning services provide on the job training for new employees due to the lack of tertiary based courses for the cleaning industry.  Along with the standards of service, safety too is a grave concern while appointing the commercial cleaning services, and hence, a trend in the cleaning industry requires elimination of usage of all hazardous substances such as drain cleaners due to liability and environmental concerns.

images (1)

When it comes to starting up your own commercial cleaning services business, you just need a modest investment, then you can expand gradually, and once you start making profits, you can include more workers in your team. You can start off by providing basic office services like cleaning, mopping and vacuuming, and then once you secure the license, you can move up the ladder.

One such example is Empire Capitol International Inc. which is a pioneer in commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Empire Capitol International has been providing janitorial services in Great Toronto area for over 10 years. Empire Capitol International provide their services to commercial, residential, industrial and retail properties and they have been developing their products and services throughout Ontario. Their clients range in size from 1000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet in area and also vary in industry.

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Increase Brand Loyalty: Adam F’s Advice

When it comes to having a business, you will probably already know the fact that you will need to increase your traffic through your brand name! There are millions of people around the world that will be able to help your business become successful through being loyal customers. Through their loyalty and purchases of your brand’s products, you will continue making a steady profit and reputable name for yourself as a businessman. But the question is: How will you be able to raise brand loyalty, especially if you are a business that just started? It may seem difficult at first, but you will soon start to get the hang of it and get the brand loyalty and customers to go with it. Adam F. shows you the ropes on how to build brand loyalty, all through the most unconventional ways!Social-Media-Graphic Increasing Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

If you are trying to increase your brand loyalty, then you will be able to do it better when using social media. It is through here that you will be able to gain popularity from the millions of people who use such networking websites. After all, it’s one of the most popular types of websites being taken advantage of with the Internet. Your audience is vast with people of any age, race and gender joining it, and there is no limit to who you can share your posts to! Another perk is the fact that it is entirely found in your device, with the help of technology and the Internet.Social-Media-Icons

Knowing the popularity and huge audience you can get with social media, how will you be able to put brand loyalty into it and make sure you get the reputation you want from these networking websites? Here are some tips Adam F. shows you about how to increase your brand loyalty with the help of social media.

  1. Make sure that you are able to engage your potential clients with social media posts that are relatable and engaging. That way, you will be assured that people will keep sharing and interacting on your posts, opening it to more people around their network. Plus, it’s a great way to attract people to follow and visit your page.
  2. While you share your stories and business, share their as well. Share personal stories or feedback of real customers using your product or hiring your services. Not only will your customers appreciate it, but many potential clients will want to go back to check what your business has to offer.
  3. With social media, you will need to answer quickly. People love it when businesses answer as fast and efficiently as possible, and you need to make sure that you are available for their inquiries as much as you can be. That way, people will appreciate your answers and you will quickly make sales.
  4. Social media is one of the biggest audiences you can face. So if you start to post sensible things regularly, more people will want to come back. Make sure you always update your page and research on what’s trending. The more you post on the popular things, the better traffic will come your way from the comments and shares you get from your audience.

Because social media is vast, you can use this to take advantage of the traffic you can get for your business and gain brand loyalty. If your business has no social media account yet, then it’s best to create one now and experience the benefits you can get from it!

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Get A Payday Loan With Help From Cardinal

When you are in a financial situation, you will be able to get out of it quickly if you start making good decisions and think wisely. As long as you work hard, you’ll be able to pay the bills in time and get out of your crisis! But if you need the cash quickly and need to pay for emergencies or bills, then it may be time to look for loans. Loans may be something many people frown upon, but if push comes to shove and you aren’t able to pay the bills on time, then it’s best to look at these as a solution.

What Are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are short-term borrowings that enable you to get the cash you need as quickly as possible. While they have high interest rates, they are able to get you the finances you need to fix your current situation. The requirements are less than the usual loan and will take less than a day of processing to get the cash, depending on the company or lender you are working with. It’s very easy to get a payday loan, but it’s best to only get these during emergencies and not when you are able to find other ways to remedy your financial situation, as the interest rate is certainly a bit steeper.


Payday loans are there for those who need it, being called payday loans because the lender would usually require you to pass in a post dated check with the amount borrowed plus interest. It’s a quick process, but then again, the interest rate is high which is why it’s recommended to only use it for emergencies when you absolutely need the cash!

What is Cardinal?

In just a quick search online, you will be introduced to a list of many lenders and companies that offer payday loans, each of them with different interest rates and requirements. Some can be found in your area, while others can go as far as other countries but are still able to accommodate to your financial needs. But with that in mind, it may be a bit difficult searching for one you will be able to trust! Luckily, you’ll be able to find one with the help of Cardinal.


Cardinal is a website based in Finland that will be able to provide a list of reputable and known lenders who are able to give you the payday loans you need for your current financial situation. When you visit their website, you are directed to a page where you put in your basic information, such as your age and how much you need. With just that, you will be shown a list of lenders, including their information and address for easy contacting! Take note that their lenders are also based in Finland.

So if you are stuck in a financial situation and have an emergency to pay for, then you know where to go to find the best payday loaners with fair interest rates and quick process. Visit Cardinal today!

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Chicago Consultant

There are many consultancy firms in Chicago which are offering expert and professional advice in any field or profession of one’s interest. The consulting firms have interests in IT services. Patrick Scanlan is one of the consultants in the firms of Chicago who works as the PWC in Chicago. Some of the consulting firms in the field of interest are management, health care, finance, information technology, Human resources, and strategic consulting firms. The consulting firms are stretched to many places such as Los angles, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. There are entry level junior consulting jobs, consultancy firms such as Bain and company, YJT solution etc offering these.

Group Of Coworkers Discussing In Conference Room
Group Of Coworkers Discussing In Conference Room

In consultancy firms there are people who do the consulting assignments. There is an analyst, senior consultant or an associate, manager such as an engagement manager. The analyst prepares the assignment at its basic level and checks for any mistakes. Also the work of the analyst is to gather the required data or information and check for any mistakes. The senior consultant’s job is to bring the important information from the data and present it in an understandable manner to the concerned client. The manager does the leadership of the assignment and brings the required insights which comes with skill, knowledge and experience. The hierarchy in a consultancy firm is: the lowest member is the analyst then the associate, then the senior associate, engagement manager, senior engagement manager, associate partner, partner. The partner is the senior most member of the consulting firm. Hitachi consulting cooperation – it is an IT consulting company which is recognised globally which has offices all over Chicago. The heath consulting is an efficient consulting firm which has reliable and trustworthy team member to provide their clients with the best possible and various solutions to the clients problems. It’s a firm which provides a lot of employment to new interns and also specializes them in various aspects of the consulting world. The firm also gives bonuses and also paid holidays.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYEAAAAJGFhYTAyOWRmLWUxODAtNDMzYy1iODBlLTdhNDVhNTU0NzY5MQ

Business consultant – Stratigent – it is the business consultancy firm which provides digital marketing and web analytics. For any consultancy firm a bachelor’s degree is required. The employees get to work with the clients and track their requirements. It’s a firm which gives high preference for team work, responsible candidates who are efficient in presentation and communication skill which can help a firm to attain great heights.

HWC public health coordinators – they give consultancy in public health and emergency management which can help any community in times of war, or any other stressful conditions. The qualification required in this sector are a public health master’s degree or any other related degree which is similar to public health. This organisation interests range from data analysis to scientific and organisational services and other developments. This business is owned by a women who appreciates people of various diversity.

OrgAnalytix is the only company offering a platform for software analysis. The employee should have creative and management skills which can make the start-up company successful. This software consulting firms employees should be knowledgeable in all respects of software technology its implications and furthermore its impact such as a Start-up Software Company, sales management consultancy.

ECL group – is an eye care billing consultant. It is a trusted firm which is being rated at the top by ophthalmologists. It is a firm which analysis the problems of its clients with sincerity so that the best services with enough budget can be given to one’s client. In this firm there are practices such as revenue cycle management services which helps the clients immensely. The employees enrolled in this firm needs to travel to client location. It’s a firm which gives good salary and a good working environment.

These consulting firms helps people from various fields to make a choice from their own interests.

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Decoding the Vidmate App Video Downloader

Vidmate is new app that was designed to combine all of your entertainment needs in a single mobile app. It offers live streaming of TV channels, you can watch movies in HD, connect to popular video sites such as Youtube & Dailymotion and even listen to popular artists via music streaming. Technically, the Vidmate is your one stop for all your multimedia needs that are available in the internet. The installer of the program is exclusively available in the APK file format and is only compatible for Android operating systems.Vidmate-Video-Download-Complete The APK File Format Association

A lot of people get confused whenever they search for the product online because of the association of the letters APK to the product. They think that it is part of the mobile app’s name when in fact it is just a reminder that the installer is only available in the APK format. Vidmate APK is relatively new and the developers still don’t have an official website that users can easily associate the product with.vidmate-video-downloader-2

If you intend to download the Vidmate mobile app then go to the Google Store and download it directly in there. There are a lot of websites out there who are taking advantage of this wonderful product providing misleading links for its installer. Be wary of these sites because the files that you are able to download from them are most of the time viruses or other forms of malware and spyware.

The mobile app is available for free and if you are the type of person who wants to get multimedia entertainment with convenience then this product should be perfect for you. There would be no need to browse other video and music sites since Vidmate already got them all covered for you. Just download the mobile app and you can easily stream or download video and audio files directly on your mobile device.

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Explore the unexplored arena of payday loans!!

You must be wondering what exactly a payday loan is? Well, a payday loan is short term, salary-based, unsecured loan which is also refereed as salary loan. It might be possible that a person encounters an emergency and is in a quick need of money.  A payday loan helps a person, who is dealing with any sort of emergency. It acts a quick-relief for the person who needs the money on urgent-basis. A person who is working on full time basis can only apply for this loan. Also, it is very important that if the person wants to apply for a payday loan, he should have a current account in the bank, as all the transaction will take place from the bank account only. It acts as a backup option for the person as it might be challenging for the person to manage his expenses. Hence, when you have a pre-planned monthly budget a pay day loan acts as a relief to person, if there is any sort of emergency. Such loans can help the person throughout the month, hence acting as a perfect problem solver for certain situations.wijokotu526

Some exuberant advantages of pay day loans:

Payday loans hold some of the most ideal benefits that help a person in case of emergency. Let us explore some of its benefits as follows,

These cash loans are quick and easy, as the person can be provided with the money within a shorter span of time, without involving any complicated steps. The overall process for the application of the pay day loan includes verification of all the requirement details by the money lender and if the person satisfies all the requirements, he will be granted the loan amount. This method is extremely fast, compared to other loans hence making it an ideal choice for people who need money at the time of emergency.woman-getting-payday-loan-new-orleans-la-251x300

These payday loans are extremely flexible as you get a variety of options to choose from.  The borrowers canalso select the term of the loan, i.e. the time period in which he will pay the entire loan amount.

Hence it is an extremely flexible method of taking a loan as it does not require any complicated steps. People can apply for the loan in some very simple steps and within a stipulated amount of time they will be granted the money.

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Drive Happily On Your Wheels

Resurrecting your enjoyment is the game that teaches kids to be careful while they are on wheels. There are many developers these days which are making game playing a really pleasurable experience. With the emergence of the gaming community worldwide, the demand for a greater variety in video-games also emerged. With the Internet trend on rise, the gaming culture transformed itself in the better ways and a witness to this trend is the game of happy wheels 2 that has got many things to offer you right away.

What this game is all about?

Developed by Fancy Force, this game has been the most elusive in terms of providing teaching lessons to kids for driving cautiously. It is basically a browser game which can be a single or a multi-player game as well. This game comes in various themes which has got an appeal to both the casual as well as regular players.

Basically, the happy wheels game is based on the driving-on-wheels that has is meant to reach to the faraway levels. Most of the content of the game is generated by the user and is most famous for the violence that is depicted graphically. In case of faulty driving and accidents, the drivers or the other person may get injured severely causing even death.


What is the plot of the game?

Basically, the driver that is set to play and drive is a novice and unprepared and what you have to do is to save it from the accident or self-injury. There are many levels in the game which you need to cross to reach up to the intricacies and to become quite well-versed in the game. There are goals set for each level which may differ, for instance for some levels it could be simply token-collection while for others it may be to reach the finish line simply.

This game not only shows accidents but also the broken limbs and blood loss that is animated and looks quite debilitating especially for the young kids. To reach up to the higher levels, you have to build your own tools that can create a great game playing experience for you.

How the controls in the game are employed?


To play the game right, you have to control the movement of the characters and that makes it a perfect choice for you to play the game in a right way. There are many control keys which you can handle in order to devise the right kind of strategies, you have to use the control strategies with the help of the arrow keys and the keys like – shift, control and z.

If you are able to dexterously handle the keys then you are surely able to win the game in a right way. Levels and the characters in the game can generate by the user so in a way this game can take the shape of a customized play. While you are playing the game try to improvise on the timing with which you have to play so that it becomes a simplistic to emerge as a high-scorer.

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A Perfect Mobile Deal For You!

Before buying a mobile phone, it is very important to look out for the future technology and needs of the user.Amobile phone is an important part of human’s everyday life and it is nearly impossible to survive without mobile phone as it is a major priority of our life, nowadays. A good mobile deal contains some amazing cellular network along with various other options, like free data pack, etc. A good business mobile phone is one which not only provides cellular network, but are cost-effective and comes up with various data offers. A cellular phone has become the most significant communication medium after wired telephones. Not only to talking to people on calls, mobile phones also provides features like, internet, mobile applications, etc.

Some benefits of cell phones

If you are looking out for a prefect mobile phone for you, you some explore some of the important benefits related to the same,


  • It provides an amazing way to interact with clients and enhance the growth of your business organization. You can constantly interact with the clients and understanding the crucial requirements and needs.
  • Cell phones provide us the opportunity to stay connected with our relatives and friends. Another, common benefit of a mobile phone is that we can talk to our friends and family, without standing in a queue, to make an STB/ ISD call.
  • Mobile phone provides a wonderful option of navigation system that helps in finding a particular location, if you have lost your way.
  • It becomes quiet an easy task to communicate over messages and deliver your thoughts.
  • Nowadays, carrying a good mobile handset is a style quotient among youth.
  • In case of emergencies, it becomes quite easy to call the friends and family for help. It is the only thing that a person uses for help when he needs some sort of help.
  • With a rapid growth in technology, any task which you perform on a computer can be executed on mobile phones, like access the internet,view any latest updates within seconds. One can also look out for movie shows, email updates, social media updates, etc.
  • Using technologies like, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi installed on the phone, you can easily share the data with others in a fraction of seconds.


  • Look out for other benefits as well, and select the one which comes along with several amazing features, like, Wi-Fi connectivity, music player, camera, and some other unique features.
  • It is better to examine your data usage for first few months, and then on the basis of it, select the mobile phone for you.
  • One should compare the various quotes offered by several mobile service providers, along with the offers they are providing, and then go for the one who is offering you the best deal for your organization.

Hence, one should research on the web about the different suppliers of mobiledeals, read their reviews and ratings, and the quality of service they provide before making a choice.

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What To Make Sure While Building Websites

When you are up to investigating the features of professionally designed website and the virtual web-builder site, there are few points which you are needed to keep in mind to reach the right decision. The moment you are concentrating upon the web-builder sites, you will find them useful with restricted designs and functionality, to satisfy the business demands. But when it comes to professionally designed website, be rest assured that everything can be customized and tailored to meet all kinds of specifications and requirements. These sites are prepared by those experienced and knowledgeable  professionals such as Way of The Website who are aware of all kinds of industry designs and standards which are high from technical and marketing standpoint. However web builder sites are seen to be restricted to some handful of templates, where customization options are limited.


Basic difference

The moment you are hiring the services of professional designers you will find them continually upgrading the sites also checking for the bugs from time to time, only to ensure right functionality and compatibility with all browser types.  Whether your targeted traffic is using the mobile phones, laptops or tablets, professional web builders will make sure that your site remains optimized all through so that, your site may always come out top for all search engines.

One more feature


Another feature to consider is Site Engine Optimization and Marketing which is not possible for web-builder sites to handle. The field of SEO is undoubtedly hard to deal with. Today when everything is going on digitally, websites are one of the exceptionally helpful tools and if your website is residing below or people cannot find one, then be rest assured that your website is not doing well. Your business wont be promoted in that way.

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Health Benefits Of Vibrating Machine

Shape up right with the help of the body shaper? Is that you way out to get into shape? Are you awry of the gym ways and wish to cut it out? Do you want to work out in a more comfy way? If all these are your concerns then go for the secret that we are going to tell you and that makes you have that perfect shape that you are looking for.

The vibrating machines – here is that secret revealed! So do not have to wait and instead watch out for the things that we have to tell you regarding this latest sensation that is finding a resonance with those wonderful women who want to lose it fast but in a healthy way.

What the vibrating machine does?

You can set to stand apart from the crowd with the help of the vibrating machine on which you can get to exercise by standing upright or sitting in a relaxed way. There are many vibrations that you can watch out for which go on in million in per minute. These vibrations are responsible for making you lose your weight in a right way.


How it can benefit you?

The ones that are being the latest one is the Ero body shaper which is responsible to make you have the right kind of weight that you are aiming for. If you an elderly person then it more apt for you because you do not need to undergo the frictions of the gym machines. With increasing age it become quite difficult for you to hit it to the gym in a hard way. The reason is that your body undergoes stress and strain as a result of which you experience pain and weakened bones.

These vibrating machines help you in losing your weight in the right way so that you do not have those ugly stretch marks on your skin.


Which considerations should you keep in mind while going for this training?

Have knowledge about the way your body works. It you have some severe problems then watch out for the medical exercise before you chose this mode. Otherwise, this is a safe way to lose weight and that involves a more enjoyable ways especially for the elderly people. Keep your diet in a proper way and keep in mind the duration for which you need to undergo it as excess of anything is indeed quite wrong.

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Watching Pinoy Tv Shows Online

Every one has different hobbies; whether it’s sports, reading, eating and of course watching just about anything. We want to do so many hobbies, but sadly we don’t have all the time in the world at our hands. This is especially true for those who love watching, movies, series and films. But what if there was a way to watch all your beloved TV shows at the convenience of your own time and place? We are not kidding you; here we have pinoy to serve you your favourite Pinoy TV channels. Keep in mind thought that you’ll only enjoy this website if you are a Kapuso, in other words a fan of the GMA channel.

All you need is a proper internet connection and any device that can connect with it. Almost every GMA TV show will be available to you with just a click of a button; talk about convenience! Now that you’re already interested, let us introduce the website to you; we hope we convince you in case you’re having second thoughts about using the website.


What is

Basically it’s an easily accessible website that hosts links for videos featuring your favourite Pinoy TV show; keep in mind that they do not offer TV shows hosted by media companies other than the GMA network. They offer their serve for free; you don’t even need to create any account whatsoever.

What Does the Website Look Like?

The moment that you access the website, you’ll be greeted by their simple home page. You should be able to see the website’s logo at the top left corner of the page. Their logo is also quite understated when compared to other websites; it’s basically just the word Pinoy Channel, all letters in caps and is in colour orange. You can also quickly see their top and latest TV shows displayed on the home page. You can also access their search bar at the rightmost part of the top navigation bar.

What do They Offer?

Well, aside from all the latest TV shows and episodes aired on the GMA network, they also offer live streaming and movies. Mostly, these movies are either the ones produced by GMA management or foreign films dubbed by the mentioned company.

watch bubble gang

Okay, we don’t really what the reason for this is but, they have a dollar to peso converter on their navigation bar. But not to worry, maybe they just wanted additional convenience, they don’t ask for any payment from the users.

Website’s Disclaimer

The administrators want to inform you that they do not own, host or upload any sort of video, films and media files on their website. Thus, they are not responsible for any copyright, accuracy or legality of any of the content and even the linked files; after all, they only host the links so technically they are not doing anything wrong.

In case you are having troubles with the legality of the site, then they suggest that you contact the relevant owners of the files and the website that hosts the media files themselves.

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