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Facing Aggravated Sexual Assaults Or Domestic Violence Accusations ? Meet Sam Goldstein!


Mutually hooked up with a person on Tinder the other day and to your dismay she now alleges you with rape charges?

You have been thinking all the while that you are happy at merely smiling to the girl next-door to find the police arresting you the following day on stalking and sexual exploitation charges?

These are some real weird situations of which we are not uninformed of. The world today is not  that an easy place. You may be thrown behind the bars for a crime you might not even have heard of. But the issue is “How do you convince the law? Who is going to listen and bestow faith upon you?” when all evidences speak in favour of the complainant.

The very accusation of a crime however trivial it may be, is enough to bring disgrace to all hard earned reputation of yours. Let alone reputation, if properly not dealt to fight for the rightful justice, you might never be able find your way out of the gaols. You might not be that unfortunate but you are not an exception either. Scary, isn’t it?

False allegations of sex crimes, sexual exploitation, convictions for sexual assault can lead to acute consequences. Depending on the gravity of the alleged crime, imprisonment is a real possibility and to your worse you may be registered for the crime which would certainly make you feel like a criminal even if you are not one.

Canada based sexual assault lawyer toronto , Sam Goldstein is that one person you would certainly want to approach when you wish to be rendered justice upon. Sam has ably defended prosecution for sexual assault related cases when he was Assistant Crown Attorney and has used his experience for successful trials. Sam has been flourishing in his field of expertise (law practice) by being an outstanding advocate for his clients. He is resolute, bold, witty and innovative. He is the first criminal lawyer of Canada to be qualified an expert in using social media to successfully defend his client against threatening charges. Sam knows his way around the criminal justice system, the myriad courthouses in the Toronto area; he understands exactly how the other side thinks.

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“You need a lawyer to give you his honest opinion and his best advice so that you understand your jeopardy, the legal process and your options,” he says. Every case is different and has its own associated facts and thus need to be dealt in its own way of defence. Sexual assaults being one of the grave allegations need a lot of pre-trial investigations and the advocate needs  to be well informed of all possible defences. Sam’s experience has made him confident of his stands.

The next time you are in apprehension under such prosecution be it utter threats, criminal harassment or aggravated sexual assault, let Sam Goldstein help you out!

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Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial cleaning is a broad term mainly used to describe companies who are contracted by individuals, corporations and business to carry out cleaning jobs in variety of ways in exchange of an income. Cleaning companies can be practically found in every city, prominently in more affluent regions. We can also see this as a product of globalization that companies refrain from hiring janitors and instead have started hiring commercial cleaning services. This definitely saves them a lot of headache, wherein they do not have to manage added janitorial staff working under them and rather just pay for these services. Needless to say that the growing number of commercial cleaning services companies have made this a highly competitive market. Although, these services are not limited to corporations only and there are a number of premises which comes under these services, like:

  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Medical facilities
  • Airport
  • Restaurants
  • Function Centers

download (4)

Commercial cleaning services follow rigid cleaning methods and techniques. They use a wide variety of methods and chemicals to facilitate and advance the office cleaning toronto process. In an age where first impression is the last impression, the premises should be well cleaned at all times, whether it’s a corporation, hospital or an airport.  A good janitorial service always brings into play sophisticated tools and equipments, such as High -Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter vacuum cleaner. They also use noiseless equipments that do not disrupt the work environment. Since, every premise has different needs and requirements, the commercial cleaning services tailor their service according to the customer’s needs. In order to excel in their services, these companies require having a top notch and trained staff to carry out their operations, and this is the reason that most of the commercial cleaning services provide on the job training for new employees due to the lack of tertiary based courses for the cleaning industry.  Along with the standards of service, safety too is a grave concern while appointing the commercial cleaning services, and hence, a trend in the cleaning industry requires elimination of usage of all hazardous substances such as drain cleaners due to liability and environmental concerns.

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When it comes to starting up your own commercial cleaning services business, you just need a modest investment, then you can expand gradually, and once you start making profits, you can include more workers in your team. You can start off by providing basic office services like cleaning, mopping and vacuuming, and then once you secure the license, you can move up the ladder.

One such example is Empire Capitol International Inc. which is a pioneer in commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Empire Capitol International has been providing janitorial services in Great Toronto area for over 10 years. Empire Capitol International provide their services to commercial, residential, industrial and retail properties and they have been developing their products and services throughout Ontario. Their clients range in size from 1000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet in area and also vary in industry.

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Pixel Gun 3D-The Multi-Player Rage

Online team player games have been gaining popularity since quite a few years now and soon become a rage with their own communities, guides, hacks, etc. Clash of clans can be taken as a case in point. I clearly remember meeting friends who’d be busy with their tablets or smartphones, making clan strategies or just talking to their clan members. Through the way these games are designed, people not only find entertainment in playing them, they also find a sense of belonging with their team-members, with some friendships getting deeper than just the game and moving to other forums.

Pixel gun 3d  has also started making a place in the gaming world-slowly but surely. The game offers different playing modes-PvP, Arena etc. It even has a mode for the ones who like to play solo, offering them the option to try and become the best player in the Deathmatch mode. Players can play the game in the free mode or the paid pro mode. It is a game or weapons and armoury, promising to attract all the attack game lovers. More of the serious players would start moving to the paid mode as it offers them the options to get better armour, improve their weapons and hence enjoy the game better.


But, the developers of these games, not only work on introducing better features, modes and details into the game, they also spend time promoting the community. With communities across forums like facebook, twitter and Vkontakte, Pixel Gun 3d is doing the same. They recently did online polls to choose their best guides through audience polls.  These games gain popularity mainly based on word-of-mouth publicity and craze and to generate that, audience involvement and a strong community bonding is extremely important.

As the games start gaining popularity, the online world also starts getting abuzz with tricks, tricks and hacks for the same. The online hack for pixel gun 3d is also making an appearance now. There are dedicated website which are offering hacks like unlimited coins, which can then be used to buy weapons and power of the player’s choice. It helps people climb levels-either because some people are just curious to explore what else the game could have in store for them at the higher levels, or just because they need to show-off to their friends/community that they are certain levels up. In either case, the hacks act both as a boon and bane to the original game.

The developers will keep working to improve the game to counter the easily available hacks-this keeps the excitement alive. On the other hand, with the hacks available, even a tough game doesn’t stay impossible and for the ones who are not gaming pros, it helps generate an interest into the game as they get hooked onto it. Win-win situation for all!


So, go check out this exciting game-try it in a single player mode if you aren’t comfortable with multi-player at first and graduate to playing against your friends, colleagues and whoever you want to challenge. After all, Pixel game 3d is addictive.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very effective tool for marketing. It has the potential to reach an enormous number of people at the same time. A major advantage of this kind of marketing is that it enables the seller to give the customers a quick overview of the product without overwhelming them with lots of text. Owing to the latest developments in technology, it cost very little or nothing to make these videos. In present times, people are increasingly beginning to become more and more dependent on digital media for their information and entertainment. Business owners can very easily subscribe for a service that creates animated explainer videos.  However, it is still very important to take the time to carefully craft a strategy to maximize the reach and effect of your video commercial. U can also Go Here and check

Here are a few things that you should consider while creating your video commercial:

  1. Schedule for Publishing: Similar to your Twitter and Facebook posts are timed well to run consistently, your video marketing campaign should be well timed as well. Don’t just make a single video about your product. Think about the type of story that you are going to tell about the product, and then plan out a series of videos that you can post over multiple weeks. This should lead on the release of the product, this way the people are kept waiting and when the product is released, many people buy it. Make sure that this series of videos goes on, even after the big day so that the product remains fresh in their minds for a long time after the release.
  2. Make Short Videos: It is much more effective to make short and concise videos that are to the point rather than really lengthy ones.
  3. Make a Call to Action: After working on a great video, it would pointless if you didn’t tell the viewer what to do next. So make sure you give the next step.


Have a great and successful video marketing experience.

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Advantages Of Using A Water Softener


Bearing in mind that a large number of people from all over the world rely on hard water supply, it becomes a great importance to soften it before consumption. This is normally done by use of the available water softener. These softeners targets at making hard water soft. This is always important due to the numerous effects of hard water that every user targets to avoid.

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For this reasons, water softeners have a great advantage in every day’s life. These advantages are:

  • Long life for your appliances. Hard water normally causes clogging inside the appliances that uses water and at some point makes them to lose their shiny surface. This ends up reducing their efficiency and life span. Having your appliances last long will cut down your repair and replacement cost thus giving value to the money you spend during purchase.
  • Keeps your water system clean. Hard water normally leaves scaly deposits in your plumbing system, taps and pipes, which may result to clogging and corrosion. This does not only make them wear off quite easily but also results to them reducing their efficiency. This is normally experienced in taps and shower heads.
  • Reduced running cost. In case of water heaters, soft water is always heated more quickly as compared to hard water. This ends up reducing your electric bills at the end of the day as less units will be used to heat the same volume of soft water as it would have been used in case of hard water.
  • Keeps the water clean for consumption. Even though water might be treated by the supply company before being supplied to the users, it is normally hard and with time causes corrosion on in the pipes. These corroded pipes tend to mix with the running water which might be unsafe for consumption and also contain a bad smell. For this reason, you should soften your water to avoid such cases in the future.
  • Soft fabrics. Since cleaning is one of the essential uses of water, you should ensure that you use soft water on your fabrics. This ensures that they retain their bright colors and also extend their life span as compared to the ones cleaned by use of hard water.
  • Reduced house chores. When using soft water, your sinks and bathtubs remain clean and do not contain soap curd. This eliminates the challenge of trying to scrub it all along thus reducing the amount of house work.
  • Effective use of soaps and detergents. Unlike hard water, natural detergents are more effective in soft water. Soft water also minimizes the amount of detergent used per every cleaning session. This will end up cutting down your cost and also giving you a chance to use your favorite natural detergents.
  • Reduced greenhouse gases. A good water softener magnificently reduces greenhouse gases.


Having purchased a water softener for yourself will put you in a position of enjoying all the above benefits of using soft water. However, you should ensure that you consider the best Water Softener Reviews before purchasing so as to enjoy all the above advantages.

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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is the sizzling hot expected deciphered form of the epically popular Japanese kitty collecting diversion. It is a greatly simple concept in which you stick sustenance and toys in your yard for felines, and after that determine what number of cats you may attract and appear in order to start playing and eating. You have a considerable number toys which you can put  into your yard for kitty amusement. Some of the toys are costing a determined number of silver fish and some of them a determined amount of goldfish.

neko-atsume-rare-cats-guide_w720So, as you may assume, you will need a lot of goldfish in order to play the game. So, you can spend some money and buy the goldfish but….

The only challenge that may be a problem here is due to the fact that you may not have that kind of money to spend on this game. So, we will demonstrate a few Neko Atsume Cheats for goldfish that will tremendously improve your gaming experience.

Six Tips and Cheats to Get Gold Fish

We Have determined six tips and cheats that appear to be very convenient for acquiring gold fish.

Choose silver fish items which have the best goldfish production AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. These items are  1) Cushion (yellow), 2) Cushion (green), 3) Orange cube and 4) Beach Umbrella. These items are the only 5 silverfish items which need to bring you at least 3.5 goldfish per slot every day. The orange cube as well as the beach umbrella are important because they will enable excess capacity of kitties. The orange cube keeps 2 cats in 1 slot, and the beach umbrella keeps 3 cats in 2 slots.

Switch to Frisky Bitz – We have cheats for neko atsume anecdotally that the increase in income significantly overshadows how much it costs (it costs 30 silver fish for 3 servings, and that will last approx. 1 full day of play). Tubbs also appears to be more likely to appear with Frisky Bitz, and Tubbs grants a lot of silver fish.

Exchange the silver fish for gold fish. As soon as you have got a steady collection of toys and have accomplished the suggestions above, you will end up gathering more silver fish than you will need. Exchange them 500:10 for goldfish, to improve your progress in the direction of the yard extension.

Buy gold fish with money – Well, this is not recommended, but still, if you cannot wait 1 or 2 weeks in order to get 180 goldfish, you can go this and spend a few bucks.

Do not spend the gold fish too often – If you are just beginning and preserving for the Yard Expansion – do not spend any goldfish, that will only take you even further from the goal.

Always do the daily password on a daily basis – In the menu simply click “News”, then hit on the “Daily Password”, lastly simply click “Input Password”. Occasionally that will provide you a few goldfish.

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ShowBox Android App


ShowBox is an up-and-coming app for Android phones and tablets used to stream videos, films, TV shows and series. The greatest feature of the app is the fact that it is (still) free, an incredible feat judging just how great the app is and how many things you can do with it. It can be used very easily on smartphones and tablets equally well, making it ideal for long trips and places where you can’t bring your laptop or which lack a TV. Let’s see its main features!


ShowBox is very easy to install. If you do encounter errors when installing or updating the app, first check in the menu Settings > Security -> Turn on “Unknown Sources”, which allows you to install non-market apps on your smartphone or tablet. Next, you just have to download the ShowBox .APK file, run it and install the app. There are some cases in which the app crashes after an update, returning the message “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped”. In order to solve this problem, you have to go to Settings -> General -> Apps -> Show Box and select Clear Data and Clear Cache. After that last step, restart Show Box and your problems should be solved.

After installing the app, you can start using it and watching everything it has to offer. If you’re addicted to TV Shows and movies, you are going to love the large library Show Box has. It currently hold all the most famous TV Shows, like Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and many, many more. It is updated fairly frequently, so the collections will always be up-to-date. Regardless of what you choose to watch using ShowBox, you can select from the multitude of video qualities your device is capable of playing. You can also download every movie or video you watch, making it an ideal app for stocking up with things to watch before a long trip.

The interface is very easy to use and doesn’t require any kind of learning. You don’t even need to register anywhere or constantly log in and out the app. The rest of the features are very straightforward, which means that you can also benefit from the app if you’re not very good around your electronic devices. It is currently available in two languages (Russian and English) and three streaming qualities for any video (low, medium, high). You can easily choose the season and episode you want to view (for series) using a number of dropdown lists. The overall quality of the videos is just as good as other famous streaming apps, like Netflix and Hulu.

images (1)

To sum up, you must definitely download ShowBox as long as it’s still free. Even if the app would require a small fee, it would still be completely worth it; due to the large amount of videos, movies and series you can watch using it. The fact that you can also download all these is great and only adds to the awesome quality of the app. If you enjoy TV shows and movies, ShowBox is a must have on your Android device. Waste no more time and download it today!

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Showbox App – Stream or Build Your Movie and TV Show Library


Lack of high quality and affordable video content such as the latest movies and TV shows is a frequent complaint of mobile Internet users. There are numerous apps available for Android in Google Play store for playing and streaming video files but none of these apps addresses the issue of affordability and offers easy search of HD movie and TV show files.

Showbox is a free Android app that addresses this issue by offering free access to latest movies and TV shows to mobile and tablet users. The app offers effortless streaming and downloading of latest TV shows and movies in HD quality for free.The Showbox app stands out because of its ease of use, extensive features and its elegant combining of video content search, streaming and download functionalities in a clean and user-friendly interface.

Ease of Use

On opening Showbox app, the user can see a list of latest movies available for streaming or download in a tiled interface. This allows you to quickly check if the latest movie you wanted to see, or the latest episode of your favorite TV show, has become available for streaming or download.

Besides the default criteria of date of addition, the list can also be sorted according to alphabetical order as well as rating. This allows users to quickly find the movie they have been looking for or search for the highest rated latest movies available.

Both movies and TV shows can also be selected by genres with as many as 18 genre options available for the user to browse and choose from. Hundreds of movies across these genres are available for instant streaming or download to the phone or tablet, allowing users to build their own personal library of classic or favorite movies.

A thoughtful feature of Showbox is that while browsing available movies you can also view information about the movies or shows – such as a brief synopsis, year of release, IMDB rating etc.

When you select a movie or a TV show by tapping on the tile showing its poster, the app gives you the option of either start watching the selection immediately through streaming or to download it on your phone or tablet.

Feature-Rich App

You can also choose the preferred quality for streaming movies and TV shows in Showbox with low, medium and high (Full HD quality) quality options available.

Showbox also allows you to watch the movie or TV shows in the player of your choice and with full subtitle support. What is more, using Showbox, you can also watch movies or TV shows on the big screens of your TV or desktop monitor. Showbox does this by streaming movies using Google Chromecast over Wifi, giving you the perfect viewing experience with full audio for your favorite movies and shows.


Showbox is not available in Google Play store for Android apps and can be installed within seconds by getting the app’s APK file from the official Showbox download website  and sideloading it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

After downloading the app file from the official Showbox download website, the user simply has to open the file and choose Install option after enabling “Unknown Sources” option in their Android’s device settings (Go to Settings > Security and select the checkbox next to “Unknown Sources”).

Showbox is hands down the best movie and TV show streaming and download solution for mobile devices and a must-install app for Android users due to its fluid and easy interface, long list of thoughtful features and extended functionality options such as Chromecast support.

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