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Facing Aggravated Sexual Assaults Or Domestic Violence Accusations ? Meet Sam Goldstein!


Mutually hooked up with a person on Tinder the other day and to your dismay she now alleges you with rape charges?

You have been thinking all the while that you are happy at merely smiling to the girl next-door to find the police arresting you the following day on stalking and sexual exploitation charges?

These are some real weird situations of which we are not uninformed of. The world today is not  that an easy place. You may be thrown behind the bars for a crime you might not even have heard of. But the issue is “How do you convince the law? Who is going to listen and bestow faith upon you?” when all evidences speak in favour of the complainant.

The very accusation of a crime however trivial it may be, is enough to bring disgrace to all hard earned reputation of yours. Let alone reputation, if properly not dealt to fight for the rightful justice, you might never be able find your way out of the gaols. You might not be that unfortunate but you are not an exception either. Scary, isn’t it?

False allegations of sex crimes, sexual exploitation, convictions for sexual assault can lead to acute consequences. Depending on the gravity of the alleged crime, imprisonment is a real possibility and to your worse you may be registered for the crime which would certainly make you feel like a criminal even if you are not one.

Canada based sexual assault lawyer toronto , Sam Goldstein is that one person you would certainly want to approach when you wish to be rendered justice upon. Sam has ably defended prosecution for sexual assault related cases when he was Assistant Crown Attorney and has used his experience for successful trials. Sam has been flourishing in his field of expertise (law practice) by being an outstanding advocate for his clients. He is resolute, bold, witty and innovative. He is the first criminal lawyer of Canada to be qualified an expert in using social media to successfully defend his client against threatening charges. Sam knows his way around the criminal justice system, the myriad courthouses in the Toronto area; he understands exactly how the other side thinks.

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“You need a lawyer to give you his honest opinion and his best advice so that you understand your jeopardy, the legal process and your options,” he says. Every case is different and has its own associated facts and thus need to be dealt in its own way of defence. Sexual assaults being one of the grave allegations need a lot of pre-trial investigations and the advocate needs  to be well informed of all possible defences. Sam’s experience has made him confident of his stands.

The next time you are in apprehension under such prosecution be it utter threats, criminal harassment or aggravated sexual assault, let Sam Goldstein help you out!

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Featured Post

Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial cleaning is a broad term mainly used to describe companies who are contracted by individuals, corporations and business to carry out cleaning jobs in variety of ways in exchange of an income. Cleaning companies can be practically found in every city, prominently in more affluent regions. We can also see this as a product of globalization that companies refrain from hiring janitors and instead have started hiring commercial cleaning services. This definitely saves them a lot of headache, wherein they do not have to manage added janitorial staff working under them and rather just pay for these services. Needless to say that the growing number of commercial cleaning services companies have made this a highly competitive market. Although, these services are not limited to corporations only and there are a number of premises which comes under these services, like:

  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Medical facilities
  • Airport
  • Restaurants
  • Function Centers

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Commercial cleaning services follow rigid cleaning methods and techniques. They use a wide variety of methods and chemicals to facilitate and advance the office cleaning toronto process. In an age where first impression is the last impression, the premises should be well cleaned at all times, whether it’s a corporation, hospital or an airport.  A good janitorial service always brings into play sophisticated tools and equipments, such as High -Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter vacuum cleaner. They also use noiseless equipments that do not disrupt the work environment. Since, every premise has different needs and requirements, the commercial cleaning services tailor their service according to the customer’s needs. In order to excel in their services, these companies require having a top notch and trained staff to carry out their operations, and this is the reason that most of the commercial cleaning services provide on the job training for new employees due to the lack of tertiary based courses for the cleaning industry.  Along with the standards of service, safety too is a grave concern while appointing the commercial cleaning services, and hence, a trend in the cleaning industry requires elimination of usage of all hazardous substances such as drain cleaners due to liability and environmental concerns.

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When it comes to starting up your own commercial cleaning services business, you just need a modest investment, then you can expand gradually, and once you start making profits, you can include more workers in your team. You can start off by providing basic office services like cleaning, mopping and vacuuming, and then once you secure the license, you can move up the ladder.

One such example is Empire Capitol International Inc. which is a pioneer in commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Empire Capitol International has been providing janitorial services in Great Toronto area for over 10 years. Empire Capitol International provide their services to commercial, residential, industrial and retail properties and they have been developing their products and services throughout Ontario. Their clients range in size from 1000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet in area and also vary in industry.

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How The Assistance Of Any Seo Company May Push Your Business Higher

You would definitely get desired result, particularly if you select Toronto SEO Agency to do required SEO work for your business. Toronto is a fabulous place and particularly known for providing SEO services. With their assistance, you may easily get a nice growth to your business as they are considered the best in this industry. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is basically used to enhance business growth and to make it more familiar with search engines. Search engines follow a kind of algorithm to rank a particular website. Becoming visible on the first page of any website is not a simple deal as it involves loads of potential and expertise in the same area.


Things to keep in mind while selecting SEO company:

  • The list of keywords that your selected company is going to use must be very competitive so that can bring better results for you. They should only use the high-ranking keyword to make it top ranked by search engines.
  • You need to focus on their used strategies and techniques, as it should be very innovative. They must follow all the below mention things:
  • Submission to directories
  • RSS submission
  • Article submission
  • Simple website design
  • Position on forums and blogs
  • You should try to know that they are not involved with your competitions and providing services only to your company.


  • Must try to find out about their reputation, as they should be reputable
  • You can hire them on monthly or hourly based. They should likewise be very professional and cost effective.
  • The selected SEO Company must understand the objective and goal of the organization.
  • SEO companies should never intend to work independently to design successful techniques that will heighten the virtual revenues of the concerned organization. In fact, they should understand company other needs, including its exposure and designing which will influence the visitors to visit that particular website.
  • You should only select a SEO firm that comes in your budget, requirement and as per your needs.
  • They should know to evaluate the things and likewise make out to settle down the things as per the given deadlines.
  • You should also ask them that how many pages are needed to make you visible on search engine. If the entire content of pages consists difficult keywords, then the chosen SEO Company is not very much effective.
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Digital Photo Frame- The Digital Frame And Its Working

Gone are the days where people used to take a picture, give it in a shop and making it into a large photo frame. Nowadays, everything has become digital in this digital world. Trends have been changed. No longer people put nails on the walls and hang their big photo frames.

This digital era has paved way for the emergence of digital frame that can display the pictures without need of computers or printers. There are enormous features available in these digital frames and they can vary from size to size.

They can even be wall mounted or can be in the shape of a key-chain as well.


They can display pictures while few frames can play videos as well. The frames come with built-in speakers to play video files.

The photos are transferred to the digital frames either through Bluetooth or via USB connection. The frame has its own memory storage in which the pictures are stored.

Some of the digital photo frames have the facility to access social photo sharing sites as well.

All the images are shown in a slideshow motion and the user can customize these settings according to his requirements.

Several companies have started manufacturing digital photo frames and the top leaders include Philips, Sony, Merlin, Samsung, GiiNii, Nix Hu- Motion, Aluratek.


The frames are similar to the computer and contain similar components but they are placed in a simpler way since the frames need to perform very less number of tasks. It consists of CPU, Display, Memory, Modem, and Operating System.

This device is useful for people those who are not able to buy any electronic device. But one thing you must have for sure is the Internet through which you can also download the pictures.

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Frameless Vs Framed Corner Shower Doors: Pros And Cons

If you have been thinking of the design of your bathroom, then the first advice one would give you is to be knowledgeable with the type of designs you can do. Just like any other part of the house, the bathroom’s concept and design is limitless and requires creativity and logic. Sort of like a puzzle piece, you are dealing with a small area where you need to fit all the necessary furniture such as counter tops, sinks, and even the toilet and shower! You will need to put in a lot of thought when designing your bathroom, especially when it comes to getting a shower, which would usually take up the most space of the room.

A Corner Shower is the best bet if you are looking to make your bathroom look spacious or to save up on space, as it only takes up a bit of the corner of your room. You will also be able to still shower properly and have a minimalistic and modern design with a corner shower installed in your bathroom. And it’s a much more cost-effective way to build your home, depending on the design you will get.


But there is more to the corner shower than just the shower itself. The shower door is something that should be considered as well. The two basic designs would be to choose between a frameless or framed corner shower door. Which one looks better? Here are a frameless corner shower door’s pros and cons:


  1. They look better than a framed glass door. There’s no doubt that a frameless glass door would make it have a minimalistic and modern feel to any bathroom.
  2. It’s much easier to clean without the frame and its corners needing to be cleaned as well. Plus, a framed door requires more cleaning and maintenance as it can collect rust from humidity and moisture.
  3. You have the option to open it any direction, either left or right, outer or inner.



  1. Since there is no frame to support the frameless glass door, that means it uses a thicker glass. That means it will be heavier and may take a bit of time and effort to transport it to your home.
  2. Because it is heavier than the usual framed glass door, that would mean it would be more difficult to install. It’s best to hire a professional than to do it yourself, unless you are well acquainted with construction.
  3. It is more expensive than a framed door. In fact, framed glass doors cost 40% less than a frameless one!

While there is no sure winner, as they each have their own pros and cons, it will all depend on your preference and style, as well as the budget you can allot for your corner shower’s door. You will be able to find a variety of designs to be inspired with online!

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An Overview About The Game Called Moviestarplanet

Kids are very social and hence they prefer playing games with friends and want to stay in touch always. This is what MovieStarPlanet or MSP game all about! MSP is the most widely played social online interactive game where players get the chance to be their favourite movie star in the virtual game. This game focuses on offering the kids between 8-15 years of age with fun, safe and secure social networking platform where they can play the game and enjoy chatting with millions of other players of the game. MSP is totally a free game to play and players are required to gain access to the extended features of the game along with other resources to first track their success and achieve fame in the game. However, there are Star Coins, Diamonds, and other resources that players need to earn in the game. But at times they may also make purchase for such resources online.



Creative, Fun and Social Game to Play

MSP is considered to be the creative, fun and social game for the kids less than 15 years of age. In the game, the characters selected by the players are required to earn fame and fortune along with Diamonds and other add-ons. They need to make movies with the characters they have selected and when other will watch the movies then the players will earn rewards for the same. There are also other resources that players are required to earn in the game like, Diamonds, Star Points and Coins and other rewards. Players need to buy backdrops, animations, costumes for the movies and character in the game of MovieStarPlanet. By participating in creative competitions, playing and interacting with others in the game, the players can easily succeed to other levels of the game. So, MovieStarPlanet game is all about being social, playing, participating in competitions, and exposing your social and creative skills to earn rewards.

The Social Networking Features of MSP


MovieStarPlanet has a variety of social networking features as these features are the part of this fantasy world. Players of the game are required to make new friends in the game and start interacting with them in chat rooms. It is requested to the parents and guardians to talk with their kids about staying safety online and while chatting with others in the chat room.


Parents need to educate the kids about not sharing any of their personal details online while playing and interacting with other players in the chat room. However, the designer of MovieStarPlanet has put many safety features in the game, thus the personal information of players can’t be accessed by anyone. Players are allowed to view only the user name of the players. So, players must ensure that their username never comprises any significant elements of their real name.

The game MovieStarPlanet is totally free to play. Players cross each level of the game simply by making movies, playing games with others and interacting safely with other players in the game. This helps them to earn the Star Coins, Diamonds and other resources. Most of the features in the game are totally free of cost. But, to upgrade the profile with VIP membership it is necessary for the players to pay certain amount.

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Have Fun Playing Golf On A Golf Course In Sydney!

Golf holds many health benefits that everyone can take advantage of. The great thing about the sport is that anyone of any age can play it. From children to seniors, you will be able to watch and witness competitions that consist of kids as young as 4 years old, to those in their 60s! A relaxing way to spend the weekend, you do not only get to burn some calories through walking and swinging weighted golf clubs, but you are also getting fresh air from the natural environment. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to meet new people with the same interests as you!


If you’re in Australia, it doesn’t take long for you to find the perfect golf course Sydney. There are dozens of available golf courses around the area, whether you’re looking for a public golf course or a Country Club. All it takes is a quick search online or asking around. Or you can even explore and check out the best golf course for you.

If you’re just a beginner in the sport, there are many good teachers that will be able to provide lessons for you, or you can even pick up the sport on your own and get some advice along the course. Here are some tips when you’re just starting, so as to prevent injuries and improve your golfing skills:

  • Always stretch before playing to avoid strained muscles.
  • Wear protection such as a hat, sunscreen, and appropriate clothes for the weather. Under extreme weather conditions, it’s best to postpone the game, or to use a caddy instead of walk around the field to avoid sickness or injury.
  • Take lessons and practice good technique. Proper form is important to prevent any injuries from happening. Make sure you know how to properly swing the golf club to prevent injuries to yourself or anyone else.
  • Gather some friends or family who are able to play the sport for some fun and to learn. You get to spend time with your loved ones, as well as get to have free lessons from them!


  • Be knowledgeable about the basic rules and etiquette when in the golf course. That way, you won’t be embarrassed about not knowing the basics, and you won’t accidentally offend anyone in the course.
  • Have fun and practice good sportsmanship! Don’t be a sore loser and cry over a loss, or overly brag when winning. The point is to have fun and to spend time with people.

Hopefully with these tips, you will improve your golfing skills easily. If you’re looking for a golf course in Sydney, make sure that you do your research well and find one that is accessible and with good amenities to accommodate you and your loved ones. That way, you’ll get the best out of golfing and have a fun day under the sun.

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How To Save Money Shopping Iherb

The Natural health products industry is THE thing nowadays. Nearly everyone is interested in them. To survive amongst these tough market conditions, one has to be the fittest. iHerb decided to take matters to an entirely different level when they become the first in the natural health products market to start providing coupons for their customers, so that they can get discounts on iHerb products. They are extremely reliable in the sense that they don’t get expired and upon using them, not only do you get discounts but you also earn credit points for every purchase you make. Cool, isn’t it?

Being a health addict is good. A wise man once said that having health is similar to, if not better, than having wealth. But being a health addict is expensive. On one hand there are superfoods like Spirulina and Chlorella. Then there are probiotics, virgin coconut oil, raw mixes, green powder drinks etc. And then there are herbal adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea and Curcumin. If you are wondering what this new stuff you are reading about is, here’s some little nugget of information for you. Adaptogens enhance our body’s ability to tolerate mental and physical stresses. You will feel better and your overall mood will also be good throughout the day. Just reading about this makes you feel good and health, doesn’t it?


Now, if you are a regular user of natural health products, hereon this is going to become an interesting read for you because this is where you are going to learn of three ways to save money while buying such products. This is where the iHerb coupon codes come into the forefront. In fact, if you are smart and resourceful enough, you can even get the products for free.

  • Always choose the iHerb official website. They have everything, all of their products under one particular web shelter. This saves you time, and money. Their website provides you with all the coupon codes that are active and their respective terms and conditions.
  • iHerb always provides you with products at right prices. If you choose to buy different products from different shops, the matter gets chaotic and fussy. While you get a thing at a discount in Shop A, you get a different thing at a discount in Shop B which costs more in A. All these savings cancel out in the end actually, leaving you panting for breath eventually. The smarter option is to just opt for iHerb and get the products at the right price. This is easier, not at all chaotic and will actually get you some savings.


  • They often have offers regarding free shipping. Opt for those. This matters a lot as it really hurts to pay for shipping on top of the already expensive products. They often give away volume discounts. Try and get hold of those. They save a lot of money in the long run.
  • This is the last tip, if not the best one. iHerb not only has coupons, they have a very effective loyalty program. You prove your loyalty when you return to buy again. That is where you can score brownie points and get stuff for free. You get rewarded for promoting their products to your family and friends. You get credit points for every purchase you make, and every person you refer to. Those credit points eventually pay for your stuff.
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Download Clash Royale APK For Android

Clash Royale has become the people’s choice in the last few months only. I decided to do a small research on this game whether this game is really upto the mark or it has just got famous due to crowd following.

In the beginning

The game made me to just get involved in it. The game has very well designed platform, animations and its gameplay.. Everything just made me to like the game at very first instance. But I noticed one thing I had that same interest in this game for maximum 2-3 months, not more than that. There are still some features lacking in it , I only played whenever I had free chest in it.


In the start

I was very impressed with the craftwork, the slot system in the game but after shot period of time, I felt like something is still missing in the game. I don’t the game which had such a good craftwork, I was feeling like not to play this game. But I can still stay I may be personal choice.

In every battle

The gameplay was always different which made me fell in love with this game but still the overall pace for the battles remained the same which somewhat made me to feel like bored after making good hold on this game. The locking of silver chests and golden chests may also sometimes made me to feel like things getting repeated on itself in the game. Another thing I felt demotivating me was the collection of cards in the game. The collection of cards in the game was like a very long term goal for a player in the game. You can Download Clash Royale APK for Android online.



Even though I have mentioned some of the issues of the game from my own experience, but I assure you this game has that level that everyone should give it a try at least once, for some it may then get addicting too and for some it may result into a very good experience for a while.

The game is just so perfect to be played and has resulted into hit in the market and as well has got into the top games list of the year… But still there are some issues that need to be resolved then it will be like the yummiest cream layer applied on the yummiest cake ever…

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Knowing Exactly Where To Rent A Car In Madagascar

Madagascar is officially being referred to as the Republic of Madagascar and previously, this island nation exactly located in the southeast part of Africa was called the Malagasy Republic. It is an interesting place since it is recognized as the fourth biggest island the world has to offer. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why there are great numbers of tourists who keep on coming back in this breathtaking island nation. What’s more is that it is bestowed with a number of magnificent spots to visit such as the Ranomafana National Park, Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, and the Isalo National Park.


The thing is, these amazing spots are kilometers away from one another, so it may be hard for you to visit all of them. Good thing car rental companies are now available in Madagascar. These companies are offering cars that you can rent, along with a personal driver. However, before you ask yourself about where to rent a car in Madagascar, you should see to it first that you know how to determine a reputable car rental company.

Make Your Own Research

It would be advantageous on your part if you will do your assignment before taking a trip into this beautiful island nation. Do some research on the web regarding the finest car rental service provider in Madagascar. The truth is, you can find a lot of these companies but not all of them are reliable enough. Why not read some reviews online? Just make sure that you go for a credible review site i.e.,


Ask Some of Your Friends

There’s nothing wrong about asking, of course. Who knows, some of your friends, relatives, or even your colleagues have already visited this one-of-a-kind place in the world, right? If they did, then they surely know the best company that offers top notch car rental services in Madagascar.

Your trip must be memorable enough for you, so make sure that you are well-prepared before paying this wonderful place a visit.

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The Best Treatment For Diabetes : Diabetes Destroyer

Diabetes has been one of the most carcinogenic diseases in the last few decades. The number of patients being affected by this disease has been drastically increasing. And the bottom line is that there has been no sure shot treatment discovered yet. Moreover, there are a number of patients, who haven’t been diagnosed with the disease, yet, they are living with the symptoms of the disease. This is the reason that sometimes diabetes is termed as ‘Silent Killer’.


Scientists and researchers have developed a natural solution for the diabetes. The combination of certain dietary supplements can reverse the diabetes permanently along with the reduction of body weight. The Diabetes Destroyer, also known as 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer, is a revolutionary step wise process  created by David Andrews which has been successfully able to eradicate this deadly disease.

What is Diabetes Destroyer?

Diabetes Destroyer is an innovative natural solution that can easily reverse the type 2 diabetes and premium diabetes. The effects can be seen in less than a week. The step by step procedure significantly increases the level of insulin in the body and decreases the sugar level. The medicine comes in two different program structures – The short term for three months and customized long term programs. It all started when David Andrews, who is the developer of Diabetes Destroyer, was suffering from type 2 Diabetes, previously. After ending up hospitalized with Non Ketotic Hyper glycemic Hyperosmolar Coma, which Andrew enduced from the side effects of  continuous consumption of costly insulin supplements, he found after some research that there are some food supplements which can reverse the type 2 diabetes up to a certain level. Further investigations found that a certain combination of food items can permanently reverse the type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Destroyer comes along with a short video tutorial which guides the consumers  and explains the step wise process of reversing diabetes.

  • The steps of Diabetes Destroyer

Diabetes Destroyer is prescribed to be used in a step wise manner. The three steps are as follows:

Step 1- Initiating the production of insulin

This is the most important and difficult step. The reason is that the patients have to give up their favourite meals and food items which hinder the production of insulin in the body. The step prescribes the combination of selected food items which have to be adopted in the meals. These meals would trigger the production of insulin in the body, finally, increasing the overall insulin level. Moreover, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates intake has also been predefined. Additionally, there are sample meal plans provided along with the package which would help the patients in creating their customized plans.

Step 2- Increase the Metabolism rate

This step enhances the remedies adopted in the first step. The results of the temporary meal plans are converted into permanent. This is achieved by elevating the Metabolism rate in the body. Metabolism is a Sonoran part of the body functions. An efficient Metabolism rate triggers the insulin profusion in the pancreas. The package comprises of a combination of three berries along with a 30 second exercise which would enhance the overall Metabolism of the body.

Step 3- Right meal at the right time

When a person is suffering from diabetes, it is very important to take care of the timings of the meal. Even a strict diabetic diet would not have any effect, if the meal is not taken at the correct recommended time. This step comprises of the guidelines concerning with the diet timings that have to be strictly followed by the patients. Consuming correct food at the correct time would readily increase the healing capability of the body.

Some of the notable advantages of the Diabetes Destroyer are as follows:-

  • Authentic – The Diabetes Destroyer solution has been scientifically proven and tested by the New Castle University in UK, Harvard University in USA and Jonathan’s private osteopathic research. Along with these scoring and researchers from all over the would have agreed to the fact that the correct combination of food can reverse the diabetes.


  • Simple and easy – Except the first step, the other two steps are simple and easy to follow. Once the first step is surpassed i.e. the patients start controlling the meals by avoiding the unhealthy foods, patients can easily reverse the type 2 diabetes by following simple exercises and consuming the right meal at the right time.
  • Natural and safe – Unlike the conventional insulin pills, which doesn’t guarantee reversal of diabetes, these simple steps involving correct combination of food and exercises are more beneficial and don’t have any side effects as well. Along with the fast and secure results, Diabetes Destroyer also aids in weight loss.

DiabetesDestroyer guarantees refund of the amount, if the customers aren’t satisfied.

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Choosing The Best Posture Corrector

A bad posture can cause a number of health issues including unbearable pain in your body. While most people think about replacing their pillows, mattresses and even their shoes with an aim to find some relief, it is very essential to consider the fact that your posture can affect your health. Treating this condition is not as tough as you imagined and while the right pillow and mattress will get you better sleep, the aches and pains will not go away forever. In order for you to get rid of these aches and pains you need to improve your posture. In order to do this, you need to invest is the best posture corrector you can find.


How To Choose The Best Posture Corrector

When we talk of posture correctors, the list is endless. There are belts, chairs, harnesses and braces to name a few. Belts and harnesses seem to help, but they are bulky and you can’t really wear them at all times. To find the best posture corrector, you need to look at the benefits and make sure it’s the right thing for you to invest in. Belts have been used for a long time, but they tend to lose shape and again, their bulky look is not something you would want to wear to work or a party. When it comes to posture correction, best posture corrector is one that you can wear for long hours since the more you use it, the more adaptable your body gets to the right posture.

The best thing to do in such situations is to invest in a brace. Posture braces have become increasingly popular these days and have proven to be very effective in posture correction making it the best posture corrector to opt in for. These braces are sleek and you can wear them under your clothes for long duration’s. They are not stiff and move according to your body making it easy for you to carry out your daily tasks without having any hindrances. These braces can be worn for long hours and they do not make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy at any point in time. This makes them the best posture corrector to opt in for.


These braces come in various sizes, and you need to ensure you get the right size for it to work well on you. If you’re planning on improving your posture, you need to remember that this is not going to happen overnight. Prepare yourself to wear the brace for a long time and for long hours. This is why size is so important. A brace that is too tight will make you very uncomfortable while one that’s too loose will not work at all. Take your time to select the best posture corrector which fits you perfectly. These braces might take a while to get used to because your muscles will be forced to stay in a position they are not used to. But over a period of time you will see major differences in your posture.

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