Welcome to the UXMagic Labs Relaunch..

UXMagic was originally a UX consultancy, our doors were originally closed on Sunday September 25, 2011 due to the economic crisis that befell our country. We have not accepted new work or clients elsewhere since that time in these business areas.  In the abscense of this business many  interests have blossomed into other efforts. The UXMagic legend lives on with this free site which now dedicated to supporting those interests and providing UX guidance to our many fans who won't let this site die. We thank you for your continued support.

While we no longer go out to your business, or do work in-house as a consultancy, this site will be available to service much of the same interests and get you pointed in the right direction, without cost to you. It will also provide you with a digital playground for new and upcoming technologies that are sure to make an inpact in your digital lives.

If you are curious about our past expertise check out the video to the right.

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